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Buying a new home is among of the most significant purchasing decisions you can make. However, the costs associated with your purchase go beyond the listing price.

Having a professional home inspection is an investment in your new purchase’s future. By discovering structural issues now, you can prevent expensive repairs later.

Home Inspection Hawaii gives you the confidence you need to make your move. We offer an impartial analysis of your house, as well as inspection reports that are easy to understand.

No one protects your purchase as we do. From concerned realtors to worried homeowners, we solve more residents’ concerns than anyone else.

Be proactive and know what you’re purchasing… before it’s too late!

Unmatched Professionalism & Expertise

Many homeowners pass on a home inspection because in many situations it’s optional. However, without knowing for sure what shape a home is in, you’re only putting yourself at risk.

Our Hawaii home inspectors have an eye for detail and the professional experience you can trust for your detailed home inspection.

When you choose us, we’ll make the proper arrangements to conduct our inspection. After conducting our systematic run-through of the property, we’ll provide you with your report promptly, with an online copy as well. 

With us, you can be confident that you’ve received the most comprehensive home inspection service.

What We Cover During An Inspection

When you need the most informed home buying decisions, as well as reliable inspection services, you can always rely on us to get it done right. Contact Home Inspection Hawaii today to learn more about your new home.

We offer inspection services for more areas of concern than anyone else including:

Property & Site

We’ll inspect the home, its exterior, perimeter, grounds, and any other associated structures on and adjacent to the property.

Structure & Foundation

From the home’s foundation to its framing,  we’ll inspect visible and non-visible components of major defects or non-performance.

Electrical Systems

We’ll inspect all electrical systems for the home including distribution panels, main disconnects, breakers, fuses, receptacles, etc.

Plumbing & Drainage

Our inspectors will conduct inspections on the home’s plumbing fixtures, fittings, drainage including flow functionality to ensure proper plumbing performance.

Roof & Attic

We’ll inspect the home’s roofing shingles, flashings, skylights, etc. to determine its condition.

Air Conditioning, Ventilation, & Heating

We inspect the condition of air conditioning systems for cooling/heating and the ventilation of the home.

Why Real Estate Agents Love Us

We strive to do more than put home buyers’ and seller’s mind at ease. Our team helps to make the process smoother for real estate professionals as well.

Being a realtor is more than making a sale, but creating a bond with your clients. When you use a trustworthy Hawaii home inspector, you can both have the confidence you need for the best transaction possible.

Whether you have questions that must get addressed or you merely need to know your clients are receiving the services that they need, you can always depend on us. Let us make your sale happen faster with better Hawaii home inspector services.

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