About Home Inspections

Just as the name suggests, a home inspection assesses all components of a building and the surrounding property. A home inspector, however, is a certified position with specific guidelines.

When a seller orders a home inspection, it usually occurs just before the sale. However, sellers who want to get ahead of any potential snags can request their inspection sooner.

Your inspection takes a few different steps that work together to create the bigger picture of your home’s overall health. It begins with a visual review and complete home walkthrough, noting any visible red flags and defects.

Even the smallest crack could be a warning of something more severe. At Home Inspection Hawaii, our top concern is your health and safety, so we inspect everything we can find.

What Else Is Involved?

An in-depth home inspection will likely take several hours. During that time, we access as much of the property as possible to fill you in completely.

If we discover anything that requires an immediate response, we’ll take the appropriate action and notify you of the results. That includes any problems that we find on top of your roof, in the foundation or basement, electrical and HVAC components, and specific appliances.

Other structural concerns include interior and exterior walls, chimneys, gutters, doors, and windows, and more. If it’s something that you can’t live without, it’s likely something that we observe.

Oahu Home Inspectors

Next, we take everything that we find, positive and concerning, and fill in a detailed report that clearly describes our findings and potential problems. These findings are accompanied with photos, allowing you to see exactly what we do.

You’ll receive both a digital copy, as well as physical binder edition of your home inspection report. We also include a cost estimate guide, home maintenance suggestions, and any referrals we can offer for professional repair services.

Do I Need A Home Inspection?

Do I Need A Home Inspection In Hawaii

Purchasing a home without an inspection is merely putting your household at risk. Without knowing a home’s full repair history, as well as knowing whether or not everything is in working order, you are rolling the dice with your purchase.

Some are wary of hiring a home inspection because they know that their findings could stall or even cancel a house sale. Although we understand that concern, it’s best to know whether a home will remain safe and that your purchase stays protected.

Otherwise, you could face thousands in unexpected maintenance costs for a house you just purchased. The best way to avoid these hidden costs is with detailed home inspections.

Choosing Home Inspection Hawaii, Oahu's #1 inspection company, is the best move you can make.