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It's more than a house inspection. It's about finding your home.

Ordering a home inspection for your new purchase is more than just going through the motions. When you call Home Inspection Hawaii, it’s about defending yourself with information.

We all wish that walls could talk. Because the can’t, however, you need someone who can dig deep to find the answers to the most critical questions you have regarding your new house.

Whether you’re worried about how many years you have left before the roof needs replacing or you’re concerned about the plumbing within the walls, we can find what you need to make the best purchasing decisions. Buy with confidence by having us inspect your home.

Why Home Inspection Hawaii is the right choice

No matter what the age or condition of your home, we’re always the best choice. Considering that inspections are among the most critical aspects of the sale, we can help make the process smoother.

We provide experienced and licensed inspectors that make the most of your service call. You can always rely on our best results.

Why Real Estate agents choose us

Real estate agents love us because they know that they never have to worry about missed items and complex reports. They know that no matter the situation, we always have answers to every concern.

We promise trustworthy inspections and convenient service every day. When you need the best results for your sale or purchase, you can always depend on our inspectors.

Insured to ensure you

Our firm is not a subcontractor or employee for someone else. All of our expert home inspectors are wholly licensed, certified, and insured, protecting all parties involved from liability.

Some homes are in worse condition than expected, meaning mishaps can occur at any time. When you hire us, however, you never have to worry about injuries or property damage.

Best Honolulu home inspection service

To become a home inspector requires numerous hours of training, education, and certification, as well as adhering to a strict set of structural guidelines. That means that our team has to answer for legal and ethical decisions every day.

A home inspector must act with integrity at every turn. When you need to know that your home inspection is in the best hands possible, look no further than us.

Quality and expert reports

An inspection report’s results are only as useful as the reader finds it. Some documents feel incomplete, while others are too technical to understand.

We ensure clear reports that assess your home with helpful images and captions. You never have to worry about complicated reports and missing information when you hire us.

Hawaii Home Inspection Services

We look forward to serving you

You wouldn’t buy a vehicle without knowing its full maintenance history. Why should you go into a home sale without knowing the whole story? Your home inspection is more than just a pass or fail exam. It must detail all the areas of your concerns, as well as the items you may not have thought about yet. We offer expert insight and professional service each time. Let Home Inspection Hawaii provide you with all the information you need for the best transaction possible.